Monday, March 17, 2008

Britney Is Like Africa

Despite the fact that Madonna and Britney Spears aren't BFF's anymore, Madge claims to be concerned about Brit's well being and calls the press coverage of her problems a "terrible infliction of cruelty".

She tells, "It's very painful (seeing pictures of Spears). When you think about the way people treat each other in Africa, about witchcraft and people inflicting cruelty and pain on each other, then come back here and, you know, people taking pictures of people when they're in their homes, being taken to hospitals, or suffering, and selling them, getting energy from them, that's a terrible infliction of cruelty. "So who's worse off? You know what I mean?"

Don't fell too bad for Britney, she banked a pretty penny off of almost every paparazzi shot taken of her, those shinny Mercedes don't buy themselves ya know!

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